At E2 Computer Solutions, our team possess an abundance of knowledge with installing and configuring both wired and wireless networks for both home and business use. With the increasing need for versatile network coverage, we are specially trained to terminate Ethernet sockets and install wireless internet connections for both business and home use.

By installing a network, it will greatly benefit your business and home life by enabling multiple device connection using the internet, allowing you to share files and transfer data through the network, while maintaining a fast internet speed. By selecting us to install a network, we are dedicated to provide great care to safeguard your wireless and wired hardware.

Our team can also install a variety of POE switches in addition to your network. This will provide an additional high-speed network connection through a single port, additionally, POE switches advances power management for easy and efficient control for businesses and home use. Routers can also be installed to offer a network architecture for your business.

We offer,

  • Installation wireless and wired networks
  • Installation of routers and POE switches
  • Terminating Ethernet Sockets
  • Configuring devices
  • Network Security