Over the last 20 years, E2 Computer Solutions has become a top choice for many businesses that range all over Ireland. With our long and competent experience dealing with a variety of IT issues for both business and home users, we created different support packages including speciality custom package, essential or priority for your business to enhance and support your IT experience.


Our Remote and Telephone Support was created to enrich your experience when requiring IT support. When issues occur, we use TeamViewer and or Telephone Support to troubleshoot and repair server and or computer faults. We offer this service to solve any queries or walk-through’s when you are unsure with a program.

Some additional support features we offer include,

  • Remote Control and Telephone Support
  • Networking / Internet Help
  • Server Monitoring
  • Offsite Backups

Our support services have separated us from many other competitors within Northern Ireland to ensure every business can run as sufficiently as possible.