Keeping up to date with security and antivirus software is essential for a computer’s health, however, malware and viruses can infect a computer using emails, free programs, pop-up messages and so on, resulting in the computer slowing down and potentially corrupting or permanently deleting files; in some cases, it can completely damage the computer’s operating systems, rendering the computer useless. The slideshow below shows examples of malware and viruses taking place on a computer.

Generally, a computer can be infected without you the user realising. E2 Computer Solutions will ensure that your computer’s operating systems are fully protected by using the most update and best Antivirus on offer. This will prevent malicious malware and viruses exploiting your sensitive information as well as prevent ,detect and remove spyware, popups and harmful programs before they can harm your computer.

In summary we will,

  • Remove malware and viruses
  • Future infection prevention
  • No-fix, No-fee
  • Optional computer collection